Emily Voque über LondonJames

Hi Everyone, I’m Emily, 28 living in Zurich, but born in Oxford, UK.

I met James the first-time during a Yelp Event in Zurich and we connected. He’s like a Brother who i never had. Let me tell you a little bit about LondonJames.

James is an Allrounder, a Casting Director, Fashion Lover, a Dating Expert and the Creative Mind behind LondonJames Zurich.

James is the incarnation of international, having been born in Zurich but got roots all over the world like: Indonesia, the Netherlands, Japan, Brazil and of course, Switzerland. He lived in multiple cities such as Bali, London and currently residing in Zurich. Some People called him „the new Mother Theresa 2.0“, because he likes to help others.

He support new Music Artist, same like the LGBT & Deaf Community. Helping others was always a big part of him. He’s Motto:


Sometimes he cares more for others than himself. He just has a big heart for People in need.

He visit Charitys and helping new Bloggers, to teach them how to be a good Blogger aswell. He casted for few companys for their filmprojects or trailers. I don’t know any male swiss blogger, who got such a big social network like LondonJames.

Even when he’s on his own at any Party or Event, he never stay alone during the nights. I’ve been working since 6 months for him and i realized that he’s acutally a good Guy. Nothing fancy and not arrogant, like others may think.

He acts like a „Boy next door“. Always very polite and a good listener.

When he started his Blog, ten years ago – people called him „the male answer of Carrie Bradshaw“ because he was writing dating advices of others. Meanwhile, his Blog got so much success and potential.. that he got more themes to write for. From Lifestyle, to Fashion, Music, Foodtastings, Traveling and more.

James likes to meet new People around the world, get together and spend good time with great food, music and good company. I really admire his hard work and i really appreciate, to get to know him and working for his blog as he’s PA.

It’s a great Journey. Thank you, James. 

– Emily Voque

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