Zurich Filmfestival: Premiere of GOOD FORTUNE

„Be prepared of a lot of rejection, this way you don’t give up.“ – John Paul DeJoria

A documentary about the life and philanthropy of John Paul DeJoria.

Born into humble beginnings, at times homeless, John Paul achieved vast wealth by building a variety of businesses, among them John Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Tequila. John Paul DeJoria is the ultimate success story. The son of immigrants, he is the poster boy of the American dream.

GOOD FORTUNE tells his amazing biography but more importantly it showcases his many philanthropic endeavors. We follow John Paul as he lives his amazing life spreading his message of peace, love and happiness. From Appalachia to Thailand to wherever his next philanthropic adventure takes him the audience will be inspired by this life well led.

This is the story of a guy who’s both super rich and super cool.

Fazit: GOOD FORTUNE was such a inspiring Movie, how to building up a business and the important message of all: Never forget where you came from. Life is tough. We all have our issues and we make the best of it. One of John Paul DeJoria Quote which I love and support is:

Even if you don’t have much, give it to those who need it the most. Like I always say: BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER ✨

Big thank you to Claudia Marson PR for inviting me to the Zurich Film Festival, im very thankful and grateful for joining this special Event tonight 💙

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