Dear future Boyfriend….

some random thoughts

surprise me. challenge me. hold my hand and kiss me in public. sing with me in the shower. spend a lazy weekend on the couch with me. laugh together. watching my favourite shows from the last century. be passionate. don’t run from a fight. talk to me. scream at me.

be spontaneous. be romantic, but not cheesy.  show me your feelings. make me feel safe. make me feel strong and confidence. make me proud. introduce me to your parents. to your friends. wear my ring. believe in me. trust me. love me. kiss me. hold me.  stay with me at home, when i’m too drunk.

take care for me and i take care for you. let me feel strong and let me be weak. don’t judge and don’t get embarrassed.always be on my side in an argument with anyone else. hug me when i least expect it. share dreams together. work hard together. getting married. explore the world together. 

and the one important thing of all:

be yourself.

2 Comments on “Dear future Boyfriend….”

  1. Hey James, dass isch soooo schön gschriebe. Hoffe sehr dass du endlich mal öper findisch wo dich happy macht. Du bisch so en wertvolle Mensch. Drück dir Dume.

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