Easy Breakfast with Diane


Good Morning, Folks.

What a great Night with had with Duke. Now i’m enjoying having an easy breakfast with my dear Friend Diane (thx for the scramble eggs and homemade Scones – soo fluffy/tasty )

1463048_10202365500196349_1749422205_n IMG_5480

…before i’m leaving and meet my dearest Friend Kate and her hubby Francis for a fun photoshoot. Can’t wait.  Wishing u all a great Weekend and be kind to each other.. xoxo James


2 Kommentare zu “Easy Breakfast with Diane

  1. this is literally the worst blog I’ve ever seen. Girl please. That shit is a disgrace to everyone who is even remotely interested in writing, scrambled eggs, carrie bradshaw, the LGBT community…and basically all the people who get up in the morning, leave the house and have any talent whatsoever, even as a whore. You’re a shame to our LGBT-community. Go to hell, you peace of shit. We’re better off without you. Next time i’ll see you on the street, you better run. FAST !!

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