Kissing you

A Friend ask me: How would I kiss someone ? Let me describe the ways..
I would hold your gaze with mine as I approach the corner of your mouth, then softly kiss you there. I would kiss your eyes, one by one, with my fingers tease your chest and press closer into your warmth.

I would inhale the scent of your hair, drawing a draught of you deeply into my being, into my heart. I would move to your ear and linger… whispering your name with the warmth of my breath, then softly kiss you there. I would kiss, lightly as a hush, your cheek, then very slowly returning to your mouth, pause, then brush it with my burning lips.

Then softly I would kiss you there, press you closer into my warmth into my being, into my heart and savour the aching anticipation that wells in throbs within, the want of more of you.



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