Looking damn fine with Bellies

Last time we’re talked about me, getting soft knees for bearded guys.  So here’s my week’s topic: Bellies.

Let’s face it. Not all of us have washboard abs. Nor do we want them. Sure, a six-pack may be sexy to look at, but maintaing one is another story. It requires regular abdominal exercises which — let’s be honest — nobody wants to deal with. Anyone who says they love doing crunches is lying.

We’re proud of our soft bellies. After all, we’ve earned them. And we’ve come to appreciate them on other guys as well. There’s something sexy about an inch to pinch, not to mention grippable love handles, wouldn’t you agree ?

Scroll down to see photos of guys letting their guts hang out, and looking damn fine in the process.

I Like Fat Guys

Photo credit: I Like Fat Guys


Photo Credts: FatBoyDiet

Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-10 um 6.00.39 PM

Photo Credts: FatBoyDiet


Photo Credits: BryBear


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