I hate feeling fake more than anything in the world.

You wouldn’t believe what people tell you: “You got to get into college, you got to figure out what you’re gonna do. You got to make money..” And we’re going “My God, I feel like, I’m still a Kid.” Practically, but your Teachers and your Parents and Everybody’s got everything all planned out for you with high Expectations.

But what if it has nothing to do with you ? You lose track of yourself. And that’s fake. We’re going into the future. And I only have a little clue as to what might be out there.

Sometimes, I feel scared to death, Sometimes, I’m really excited . And I just wish for everyone, that whatever you do, you do it true. Even when you mess Up. Even when you fail.

I’d rather fail doing my own things ….. doing what I want to do, than doing what somebody else wants me to do.

I’d rather be fighting with my Family….. than pretending it’s all okay.

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