Kids react to Gay Marriage

An incredible new video is making its rounds on the Internet that asks a group of children, ages 5-13, their opinions about same-sex marriage.

The video starts with the kids watching two different viral videos of gay marriage proposals (which can be viewed here and here) and then a brief Q&A about their opinions surrounding marriage equality ensues.

The video notes:

„The opinions of children about these issues can give incredibly valuable insight into where our society currently stands and where we are headed as people. It’s important to discuss these topics openly in hopes of a better tomorrow through dialogue and conversation.“

The reactions of these children are both heartwarming and hopeful, suggesting that rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Americans could very well be close to a non-issue for the next generation. As one participant eloquently puts it, „If one person should be able to do something then everybody else should be able to do it.“

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