Diamá is back !


After a long wait Diamá (aka Claudia D’Addio) finally returns to the spotlight with her first official Single „La Mossa“ off her upcoming debut album „We’re not done“.

Back in 2005 she participated on the Swiss hit tv-show MusicStar (Switzerland’s equivalent of shows like American Idol) and in 2006 in Athens as part of Ralph Siegel’s Eurovision Song Contest project „Six4One“, where she performed alongside artists like Andreas Lundsted, lead singer of the legendary Swedish Dance-Group “Alcazar”. Diamá then took some time off to discover her own voice and what kind of music she would want to do. The result brought her back to her Italian roots.

Naples served as canvas for her first album and especially for her first Single „La Mossa (The brush-off)“. „La Mossa“ was originally invented in the early 70’s in Italy. It’s a move that women do with their hips to „vindicate“ or „brush-off“ an unwelcome reaction or an advance by a guy or a group of people. “La Mossa” is divided in two parts, the first is signaled by a swirling sound.

There you move your hips in horizontal circles from side to side. The swirling sound ends in an explosion – that’s the moment you kick your hips out to one sides. The song’s predominant beat remembers „I Bottari“, a traditional rhythm from south Italy that involves wine barrels, wooden drums, etc.

At the same time guitars play a sweet melody that resonates Naples vivaciousness and its historic dark beauty. Jiameé, co-writer of the song, drops a few shouts on it, where Diamá, next to her brilliant vocal performance also spits a few rhymes in her Neapolitan dialect.

With „La Mossa“ Diamá delivers a song destined to wake up everyone’s fire and to accompany those upcoming hot days. Time to swirl it! The single cover to „La Mossa (The brush-off)“ was shot by Basil Stücheli and is Diamá’s omage to one of her biggest Idols – Sophia Loren.

Download now, her brand new Single:
La Mossa



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