a STORY about my favorite TV-SHOWS …

Ich war heute etwas kreativ und hab auf all meinen Lieblingsserien, eine kleine Story geschrieben auf englisch. Kann gut möglich sein, dass es hier und da ein paar kleine Fehler vorhanden sind.. – Whatever.. Nobody’s Perfect – Hauptsache man erkennt die Serien, die darin verpackt sind und viel vergnügen mit den Videos… und ja.. es ist offiziell: ich bin auch ein Serienjunkie =D

Tonight i’m going out with my GOSSIP GIRL at 90210, a new club in town. We were drunk and UP ALL NIGHT 🙂 The next day, i got a call from Zoe. She works as DIXIE of HART, a small Hospital in Bluebell…anyway.. Something bad happend… She’s on her way, with the best Airline on Earth! She’s flying with PAN AM straight to GREY’S ANATOMY > say hello! to Addison at PRIVATE PRACTICE, where she almost kill a DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES !

Whlle i’m waiting for her, i was going to meet Jenna at the SECRET CIRCLE, talking about that PRETTY LITTLE LIAR, after she played that stupid LYING GAME with Emma! *OMG* WHITNEY is back from Brooklyn, with her new friends: 2 BROKE GIRLS (Max and Caroline) and a NEW GIRL called Jess! And also two Roomates TWO AND A HALF MEN. And they have a dirty little secret too..!! These Guys were SWITCHED AT BIRTH! After their Mother did a horrible REVENGE to the other Family. Still haven’t heard anything of Zoe… maybe she had SEX with Ben AND stays at his place.. in THE CITY. anyway… WILL AND GRACE – two good Friends of mine.. inviting my to their Party with other FRIENDS. Paige, Phoebe and Piper were sooo CHARMED tonight.. and Emmett screamed out loud: Hey bitches.. tonight is going to be QUEER AS FOLK. Bette and Tina were brainstorming for a new Babyname, it was to be a L WORD. Victory is checking her new LIPSTICK called „JUNGLE“ and Chad, the former House Owner scarred me like death… like in a AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Zoe just called and told me everything is fine.. she overreacted.. some bad dreams about some crazy CHARLIE’S ANGELS in SUBURGATORY. ..she’s with Mia.. that Girl from the CASHMERE MAFIA, a friend of Annie – that Chick who had a huge crush with that MEN IN TREES, after quit GLEE -Club and realized that Kurt was Gay =D Whatever…that’s just a simply HAPPY ENDING for a MODERN FAMILY. the END!

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